We are exited to introduce a cloud version of our Backupery for Slack tool – Backupery for Slack Cloud!

You can think about the cloud version of the app as the desktop version hosted in a cloud. It means you don’t need to install anything on your computer, but you get the same results as using the desktop version.

As the application works completely in a cloud, you can run the export using any operation system (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) which has a web browser availabe.

How the app works:

  • You install Backupery for Slack Cloud application to your workspace.
  • Our system exports the data using a secure temporary virtual machine that gets destroyed permanently when the export completes.
  • Before destroying the virtual machine, the exported data is uploaded to a secure cloud storage and the download link is sent to you.
  • The uploaded data is removed permanently 30 days after it is uploaded.

Backupery for Slack Cloud and Backupery for Slack Desktop produce the same results. However, the desktop version provides more options to set up the export at this moment:

  • The desktop version allows you to select channels to export while the cloud version exports all the available channels and DMs.
  • The desktop version allows allows you to select export formats while the cloud version has all possible export formats selected.
  • There is no way to run scheduled exports using the cloud version.

So the cloud version produces the same result as the download version with all the options turned on.

As the cloud and the desktop versions are similar, for the cloud version you can use the same user manual as for the desktop one: How to back up your Slack data automatically

A free trial of the cloud app is available, you are welcome to check it out: https://cloud.backupery.com/

Any feedback is highly appreciated, so drop us a line!

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