About Us

Backupery provides handy software to backup your valuable data to a wide range of backup destinations.

We started developing Backupery tools after realizing that some of us in need of simple, easy, unobtrusive, and safe way to backup critical data from different applications and services. Most backup solutions are complex, expensive, trying to be “all-in-one” tools, that inevitably leads to common quality degradation. Also, we don’t like that many backup solutions creates “lock-ins” artificially, that is make it difficult or even impossible to access backup copy without special software, or after the billing period ends. So Backupery idea was born.

Our Vision
To build simple but powerful backup tools.

Our Principles

  • Simplicity
  • Effectiveness
  • Your data is your data only

We want to hear from you!
Drop us a note: contact@backupery.com or use Contact Us page.