We started developing Backupery tools in 2016 after realizing that some of us are in need of a simple, easy, unobtrusive, and safe way to back up critical data from different applications and services. Most backup solutions are complex, expensive, trying to be “all-in-one” tools, that inevitably lead to common quality degradation. Also, we don’t like that many backup solutions create “lock-ins” artificially, which makes it difficult or even impossible to access backup copy without special software, or after the billing period ends. So Backupery idea was born.

Our vision – to build simple but powerful backup, export and conversion tools.

Backupery is small, self-funding, and self-sustaining.

Our Principles

  • Simplicity
  • Effectiveness
  • Data Safety

Contact Us

Use Contact Us page orĀ contact@backupery.com.

Mailing Address

Ul. Chmielna 73B /14,