Backupery for Slack Export is an application to convert Slack Exports to readable format (HTML) and download files mentioned in the conversations.

Key Features

  • Flexible input:
    • Supports all types of Slack Exports (on the Free, Pro, Business+ and Enterprise Grid plans)
    • Supports exports produced by third-party apps
    • Supports partial or modified exports, and single JSON files
  • Downloads files included in the export archive
  • Selective conversations processing (you can select specific channels and DMs to process)
  • Converts the exports to self-contained HTML so they could be viewed using any web browser (no internet connection required)
  • Ability to display pinned items only
  • Supports conversation threads
  • Resolves user names
  • Developed for solving a wide randge of E-Discovery and Forensic Research tasks
  • The application is optimized for a large amount of data and currently has been successfully applied for workspaces that contain 100GB+ of files
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User Manual, How-to Guides, and FAQ

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Conversion examples ⇩

Source Slack channel:

Comfortable HTML:

Detailed HTML:


What Our Users Say

  • Looks great! Thanks for a great support and app! – Melissa J, Dec 21, 2023
  • Regarding feedback, I’ll be honest. I don’t have much deep feedback outside of gushing praise. “It’s too easy to use and it works too well. It did everything I needed in an incredibly solid way.” If you wanted this software to be like others in your market position, then I’d say it should be markedly less intuitive such that it needs an investment of knowledge to operate, that it should crash regularly in its process while requiring regular updates all promising to solve these crashes, and that it should have a monthly fee stuck to its operation. Please don’t do any of that. Joe A, July 26, 2023
  • I was so pleased with the result, I went ahead and purchased a license and reran the conversion overnight . Best $74.xx I’ve spend in a long time. I was dreading writing something to dig through the JASON extract and create something readable. Now I don’t have to. Thanks for creating this product.Aside from that, you saved me a ton of work and/or money and I can’t think of a lot else I’d want from your solution. I literally went from “I wonder what’s available at a reasonable cost” to “problem solved” in a matter of hours (including time to find your software, test it, purchase it and run the conversion overnight). Nice work!Patrick M, Apr 13, 2023
  • Backupery app is a very smart and useful tool. Congratulations! Backupery for Slack Export is working as expected! Zenon P, Jan 31, 2023


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