Backupery for Slack is an app to back up Slack data and convert the backups to various formats.

Key Features

  • Exports public & private channels (messages and files)
  • Exports uploaded files (all types of files, e.g. PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, audio, and video, etc.)
  • Exports direct messages & group direct messages
  • Converts the exports to HTML so they could be viewed using any web browser
  • Selective export (you can select specific channels, DMs, and files to export)
  • Designed for large, Enterprise-Scale workspaces
  • Supports Org-wide installations for Slack Enterprise Grid
  • The exported data in the JSON format is compatible with the Slack import tools so the data may be imported back to Slack
  • Export scheduler
  • See other features...
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User Manual, How-to Guides, and FAQ

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User Interface

Export Wizard helps to configure export tasks ⇩

Detailed hierarchical logging ⇩
Selective channel export ⇩
Backup scheduler ⇩

What Our Users Say

  • Awesome tool. I am using Backupery for Slack to migrate data from one workspace to another as we separate teams. I ran a backup from our current work space and import to the new workspace all goes well.Shawn M, Aug 11, 2022
  • Thank you! I tried the app and it’s great. We’re ready to move our tiny Slack environment to a web-based system using your tool.Noam S, Apr 21, 2022
  • That did it! Guys your support was great. Thanks so much for the help. – Owen C, Dec 18, 2021
  • What’s nice about it is you can export it in a whole bunch of different ways, and their tech support team is awesome.Metthew L. S., Oct 22, 2019


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