Easy to Use & No Complex Setup

Backupery software is very easy to use. Installation and setup take less than a couple of minutes.


Backupery applications don’t send a single piece of your protected data beyond your computer. You are safe.

Readable Export

Backupery apps additionally convert all the data to HTML so you can read it using any web browser.

Suitable for E-Discovery and Compliance
Backupery apps may be used for Forensic Research and Compliance Regulations.
Easy to Restore & No Lock In
The apps employ standard ways to backup data, so you don’t need Backupery or other third-party tools to restore your data.
Backups are Performed Regularly

The scheduler lets you set periods for automatic backups to meet any agenda.

Silent & No Disruptions

The software just works silently in the background and requires almost no interactions with you.

Storage Space Optimization

Backupery applications maximize free storage space by means of smart algorithms that delete duplicated and obsolete backup snaphosts.

Customization Services

We provide consulting services for customizing our apps, building extra features and integrations.