Sometimes we need to convert our Slack DMs (Direct Messages) to a channel. If we’re talking about Group DM, it is very easy to do, here is how.

The situation becomes a little more complicated if we are talking about one-to-one DM, a usual DM between two members. There is no built-in option to convert such a DM to a channel. However, there is a quick solution for this.

  1. Add any user to the DM preserving your message history as shown here: . Don’t forget to select an option to Include conversation history. Please note, you even don’t have to add a real person, you can add a fake user just to make the system work. As a result, Slack will create a new Group DM.
  2. Convert the newly created Group DM to a private channel:
  3. If you need to convert the private channel to public, check this article:

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, we’re listening!

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