By default, the maximum path length limit in Windows is 260 characters. So if you see “The specified path is too long. Shorten the path or enable NTFS long paths in your system.” error it means that the length of some paths that are processed by the Backupery application is more than 260.

There are two possible ways to overcome the issue:
  1. You can try to shorten your destination path to some shortly-named directory like “C:\exp”. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Cancel your running export (if applicable).
    • Open your current backup destination and remove theĀ cacheĀ directory completely.
    • Remove your current backup destination from the list.
    • Create a new backup destination and choose a short name for it, for example “C:\exp”, so the list of your backup destinations will look like this:
    • Re-run the export again.
  2. Windows 10 (v. 1607 and later) allows us to remove the 260 chars limitation. So you can disable the limitation so the app can work with paths which are more than 260 characters. Here’s how to remove the limitation:


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