Microsoft OneNote is an application designed for storing free-form information like text notes, drawings, screen clippings, audio and video files, etc. As soon as the data which is kept in OneNote may be mission-critical it’s necessary to have a reliable way to make regular and automatic backups of the data. Backupery for OneNote was created for that.

The application allows:

  • Perform regular backups to the destinations of your choice.
  • You can select several backup destinations if you wish.
  • The application preserves Notebooks, Sections, Pages structure.
  • You don’t need to install Microsoft OneNote client to make it work. Backupery for OneNote works without any dependencies.
  • Backupery for OneNote provides readable HTML export, so you can review your backup data using any web browser.
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There are several simple steps to start protecting your OneNote data:

1. Download and install the application:

2. Run the application, the backup wizard will be shown:

3. Press “Run backup wizard” and review the default backup settings. You can always change the settings later.

4. Press “Start” to start backup OneNote data. On the first run your web browser will be opened and you will be asked to sign in into your OneNote account:

Grant Backupery for OneNote access to your OneNote data:

After you press “Yes” the application starts to back up your data to the chosen backup destination. Please note the application securely stores data access information, so it doesn’t ask for OneNote access every time backup is performed.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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