Backupery for Slack is an application to make regular automatic backups of Slack data to the destination of your choice: directory on your computer, external disk drive, NAS (Network Attached Storage), USB stick, network share, Dropbox.

Key Features

  • Wide range of data exported from Slack. It includes public & private channels, direct messages, uploaded files (all types of files including attachments and images), and much more.
  • Easy to Restore. Backupery for Slack exports all data in a Slack-standardized format (zip archive which contains JSON files), so the exported data could be imported back to Slack if necessary.
  • Readable Export. Besides the Slack-standard export format, the exported data is also converted to HTML so it could be easily browsed by any web browser.
  • Secure. Backupery for Slack uses standard way to authenticate into Slack services (OAuth 2.0), so you don’t need to share your Slack username and password with the Backupery application. The application works on your computer so the data is not shared with any third-parties.
  • Storage space optimization. The application saves free storage space by deleting obsolete backup snapshots.
  • Regular backups. The application allows you to set periods for automatic backups to meet any schedule.
  • Highly customizable. We provide customization services for building a wide range of custom features and integrations. Just drop us a line if you are interested and we’ll provide more information on this.

Differences between Personal and Workspace editions.

Personal edition backs up the data (Public & Private Channels, Direct Messages, Group Direct Messages, files, etc.) which the user who installed the app is related to. For example, if the user is not in a private channel, the private channel is not exported. The same is true for Direct Messages and Group Direct Messages. If the user is not in a DM or a GDM conversation, the conversation is not exported. The above is not true for Public Channels. They all are exported by Personal edition even if the user is not in some of the public channels.

Workspace edition backs up all the data (Public & Private Channels, Direct Messages, Group Direct Messages, files) which is available in a workspace. It means that even if a user who installed the application does not have access to some private conversations, the conversations are still exported by the application. However, to make it possible some extra-steps are required, read more in the user manual.


Read the user manual or review our Knowledge Base.


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