The best reasons to choose Backupery for an IT consultant or a small to mid-sized business comes from our customers.

Testimonials for Backupery for Evernote:

We use Backupery for Evernote Professional installed for a customer on five machines. It works silently in the background and is easy to use. So far I’m happy with the applicaion!
Harald Kare, IT Consultant

Simple, works well, no worries.
Valeriy Bogdan, IT Consultant

Nice to see a company that values its clients and has customer support that can fix problems. Keep up the good work!
Stirling Darnell, IT Director

Testimonials for Backupery for Slack:

Great tool. Tiny, lightweight and easy to use.
Sid Lynton, MSP

Great product, great support, great cost. I can’t say enough good things about Backupery for Slack.
Lynda Lashley, IT outsourcing specialist

I enjoy the program. It “just works” with very little upkeep. Enough said.
Karl McBride, Computer Security Team


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