To backup your WordPress installation you need to backup:

  1. Your website database (usually MySQL database).
  2. The site files, everything you have under WordPress folder, /wp-includes, /wp-content, /wp-admin directories and all the files.

Backupery for WordPress automates this process and exports your database and files on a scheduled basis. If everything is setup correctly, your BackuperyForWordpress_Storage will look similar to this:

Each of the directory contains the following:
backup.sql – the file is your website database export file.
data – this directory contains all your site files (wp-includes, wp-content, etc.)

Using backup.sql and the data directory you can restore your WordPress website if necessary.

Now, here is how to setup Backupery for WordPress.

First, go to the Settings tab and press Configure button:

Each of the configuration section is responsible for the appropriate connection:

1. The first SFTP (FTP) section is for setting up SFTP(FTP) connection to your website’s web directory. It is necessary for downloading site files (everything you’ve got under WordPress folder, /wp-includes, /wp-content, /wp-admin directories and all files.).

2. The second section (SSH settings) is necessary for setting up SSH connection to your web server. Later, this connection will be used by the application to perform backup of your MySQL database instance.

3. The third section (MySQL) is used for setting up connection between your web server and MySQL database server.

So, having everything configured, the application performs regular backup of your WordPress installation into the destination of your choice.

That’s it! If you have any questions, just drop us a line:


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